Staff List


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Executive Headteacher:
Head of School:
Deputy Headteacher:
EY Leader:
KS2 Leader:
Miss M Tate
Mrs G Dowson Wren (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs N Mead (Deputy Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo)
Miss R Tate
Classroom Teachers
Class 3 (Rec and Year 1):
Class 4 (Year 1 and 2):
Class 5 (Year 2):
Class 6 (Year 3):
Class 7 (Year 3 and 4):
Class 8 (Year 4):
Class 9 (Year 5):
Class 10 (Year 5 and 6):
Class 11 (Year 6):
Support Teachers:

Mrs N. Mead
Miss A. Thomas
Mrs C. Hall
Miss R. Whalen
Miss A. Crone
Miss S.Carter
Miss S. Hogan, Mrs N. Rowling (job share)
Miss L. Bushell
Miss C. Jasper
Mrs C. Bingham
Miss R. Tate
Mrs J.Wilson, Mrs S. Ricieri-O’Neill, Miss L. Lynch
Teaching Assistants:
Miss E. Powles
Miss A Simpson
Miss L. Kovacs
Mrs J. Hodgson
Mrs J. Humble
Mrs L. Thompson
Mrs M. Stevenson
Mrs K. Roddy
Mrs A. Gordon
Mrs J. Collard-Gentle

Mrs J. Morgan
Miss B. Wesson
Mrs K. Hoggarth
Mrs R. Trotter
Mrs C. Miller
Mrs S. Raffell
Mrs A. Sanderson
Mrs L. Easby
Miss S. Harrison
Miss C. Bostock
Administrators:Mrs A. Billing, Mrs S. Hart
Site Manager:Mr P. Smith
School Cook:Mrs A. Smith
Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs A. Connor (senior)
Mrs C. Dunnill
Miss L. Kelly
Miss A.Simpson
Mrs M. Stevenson

Mrs K. Scholes
Mrs J. Hart
Mrs M. Bradley
Mrs A Gordon
Cleaning Staff:
Mrs M. Bradley
Mrs K. Scholes
Mrs J. O’Brien

Mrs E. Laverick
Mrs J. Hart